Pakpour Consulting Group becomes the First Civil Engineering Firm in the Bay Area to be Certified as a Zero Footprint

PLEASANTON, CA, April 20, 2007 — Pakpour Consulting Group( is now the first civil engineering firm in the Bay Area to be certified as having a net zero footprint on the environment. Joubin Pakpour, P.E., president of Pakpour Consulting Group, made the announcement. 

“As a certified green business in Alameda County (, going to a zero footprint was the natural next step for us. Environmental stewardship is everyone's responsibility, and as civil engineers tasked with providing safe, clean water and air to our communities we should be at the forefront of the fight against global warming,” stated Pakpour. “We hope other civil engineering firms will follow suit so we can become the first industry to achieve a zero footprint.” 

Over the past five months, Pakpour Consulting Group collaborated extensively with Zerofootprint ( to monitor, measure and ultimately eliminate its environmental footprint. Zerofootprint is a leading resource for businesses and individuals who wish to reduce or eliminate their environmental impact. 

“We are pleased to announce that as of April 1, 2007 our firm is completely carbon-neutral,” stated Pakpour. “We achieved this through both a reduction in our emissions by use of hybrid vehicles and purchasing credits for our carbon emissions. We also went a step further and mitigated the emissions of our employees vehicles for commuting to and from work.” Through these efforts Pakpour Consulting Group will eliminate over 230,000 lbs of carbon dioxide emissions and other harmful chemicals from the atmosphere each year. 

Pakpour Consulting Group has also offset the carbon used in producing its supplies such as paper and packaging and office electricity. The natural resources used to manufacture paper and other office supplies will also be environmentally restored through tree planting, watershed restoration and conservation projects. All future company vehicles will be gas-electric hybrids. 

“As part of this process we scrutinized almost all of our day to day operations and through innovative approaches we now recycle 80% of our waste and have reduced our paper usage by 13% while the company has doubled in size,” stated Pakpour. “Starting next month we will ask our subconsultants to join us in the effort to reduce carbon emissions.” 

Pakpour Consulting Group, Inc. is a municipal civil engineering design and construction management firm located in Pleasanton, California. The firm serves as contract district engineer to water districts and provides water distribution systems engineering, civil plan review, transportation engineering, sewer and storm drainage design, hydrology studies, program management services, constructability review and construction management to a diverse public sector client base. 

The Zerofootprint's mission is to improve the world by helping people reduce their environmental footprint. Their goal is to provide a forum for the massive and growing, but mostly unconnected majority of people — whether they think of themselves as citizens or business people, parents or consumers, activists or theorists — who want to do the right thing. Action is impossible without information. Zerofootprint is forging a community where those who have it can share it with those who are looking for it, and where those who can offer direction will come into contact with those who need it. Zerofootprint: getting good ideas off the drawing board and into the world.

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