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Rose Drive Widening Project
City of Benicia | Benicia, CA

Situation: For 20 years, pedestrians and bicyclists used a narrow and dangerous bridge on Rose Drive over I-780 to access the scenic Benicia State Recreation Area. The City of Benicia received Transportation Development Act (TDA), Article III funding to widen Rose Drive and its approaches. The new bicycle-pedestrian path provides safe access to and from the Benicia State Recreation Area from the residential areas to the north as part of the City’s bike path system. The completed project was named Project of the Year by the American Public Works Association.

Special Challenges: Because the project included state and local facilities, the stakeholder group included California State Parks, California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), California Bicycle Coalition, and residents in the area. To ensure the project would be functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing to the community, Pakpour Consulting Group’s (PCG’s) team worked closely throughout the design phase with the multiple stakeholders by holding monthly meetings. PCG prepared and submitted the preliminary design report to Caltrans for approval. After Caltrans approved the preliminary design report, PCG prepared the final plans, specifications, and cost estimate for a 16-foot-wide bicycle and pedestrian bridge, a 12-foot-wide bicycle path adjacent to the existing edge of pavement, and a concrete barrier separating the bicycle path from the traffic lane. Services Overview: PCG has served as the City of Benicia’s on-call engineers since 2004 completing a vast variety of projects including locally- and federally-funded transportation projects; storm drainage, water main and sewer main replacement projects; staff augmentation; and construction management services. For the Rose Drive Widening Project, PCG in conjunction with its structural subconsultant, Quincy Engineers, prepared plans, specifications, and cost estimates and provided utilities research, geotechnical investigation, topographic survey, and extensive coordination with Caltrans as well as bid assistance and construction support.

About the City of Benicia: Located in Solano County along the north bank of the Carquinez Strait, the City has a population of approximately 27,000 and a long history as a city of commerce and political importance.

“The Benicia City Council and our community leaders have identified
this project as one of their top ten city‐projects because it solves a longstanding
safety problem for the walking and cycling users of the Benicia
State Recreation Area. The Public Works Department is very satisfied
with the professionalism, responsiveness and delivery commitment
Pakpour Consulting Group has made to our project and that is shown by
our continued relationship with Mr. Pakpour and his engineering staff.”
— Michael Throne, PE, Former City Engineer, City of Benicia