PHWD-Deer Creek Pump Station #1.JPG

Deer Creek Pump Station Upgrade Project
Purissima Hills Water District | Los Altos Hills, CA

Situation: Considered Purissima Hills Water District’s (PHWD) most critical facility in its distribution system, the Deer Creek pump station features three 100- and one 200-horsepower (hp) pumps. Drawing from the Hetch Hetchy supply line, the pump station moves water to both PHWD’s Zone 2 and 3 distribution systems. Two-thirds of the PHWD’s water passes through this pump station on an average summer day. While the original pump station design included five pumps, only four pumps were installed. This upgrade built out the capacity of the pump station for additional redundancy and improved reliability.

Special Challenges: The upgrade required replacing the pump housing to accommodate the new 200-hp pump. It also included replacing the existing portable emergency generator at the pump station with a permanent emergency generator. In the event of a power outage, the new 400-kilowatt diesel generator now provides enough power to run both a 200-hp and a 100-hp pump. An auto-start feature was added that enables PHWD to startup and operate the generator remotely in order to allow crews to concentrate on other emergencies. Additionally, the pump station is bisected by a large concrete flood control culvert owned by the Santa Clara Valley Water District (SCVWD). With limited space for the new generator, the design fits the foundation within six feet of the culvert and the existing building—requiring extensive SCVWD coordination.

Services Overview: Since 2004, PCG has served as PHWD’s District Engineers responsible for comprehensive all-inclusive services including planning, financial analysis, design, construction management, and final commissioning. Upon project completion, PCG collaborates closely with District maintenance staff to ensure the project is meeting its design intent and goals. For Deer Creek Pump Station Project, PCG provided start-to-finish services for the installation of a new pump, generator, and pump station building seismic upgrades. The project also included installation of a new ventilation system which featured three new roof fans and doors to promote circulation as well as installation of piping within the pump station’s new below-grade concrete vault.

About PHWD: Located on the San Francisco Peninsula, the PHWD is a Special District serving 6,400 residents and 10 institutional customers in the Los Altos Hills.

“I have worked with Joubin for nearly 20 years and found him to be
very knowledgeable, thorough and responsive. I would not hesitate to
recommend Pakpour Consulting Group and consider the firm a valuable
resource for our District.“
— Patrick Walter, General Manager, Purissima Hills Water District